Website re-design

A screenshot of the re-designed home-page viewed with a CSS compliant browser (Mozilla 1.4).

The re-design of the departmental website was started in December 2003. You are invited to comment on the new look by making any suggestions you feel will improve the re-design. Please email the webmaster your comments.

Any documents authored before January 2004 were left unchanged; i.e. they will look exactly as they originally did. This was not done for nostalgic reasons but because it would have taken an unreasonable about of time, with no additional benefit, to convert them all.

The re-design is more than an aesthetic make-over— it involved more than picking some new colour-scheme and fonts. The website attempts to be compliant to W3C standards; i.e. XHTML 1.0 compliance with Cascading Style Sheets1 (CSS) for styling.


If you are viewing the re-design using an ancient browser like Netscape 4.x2 or IE4 which lack significant CSS support, then this website will look rather plain— all the content will appear but without any styling. If you upgrade to one of several modern browsers listed below:

you will immediately see the effects of the CSS styling. Microsoft IE6 is deliberately omitted from this list because it is not considered a standards compliant browser, although it will display the re-design properly.

1For a good introduction to Cascading Style Sheets, please refer to Chapter 1 of Cascading Style Sheets by Eric Meyer.

2To view the re-designed site on Sun Solaris or GNU/Linux workstations, please run "mozilla" from an xterm.