The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering hosted the annual Open House on April 27, 2007 in the George Vari Centre for Computing and Engineering. One hundred and seventy-two students show-cased a total of 59 design projects in various categories including: biomedical engineering, communications, digital signal processing, microprocessor interfacing & instrumentation, networking, power electronics, remote sensing & robotics and software engineering.
Open House 2007
A. Gosh explains to Dr. X. Gu, how the Wireless Smart-Bandage works.
M. Gitto, H. Medina & N. Persad demonstrate the DCC Locomotive Wireless Network to visitors.
M. Kusha, and the Shokrollahi sisters explain Wireless Vibration Detection.
Prof. K. Clowes points out to O. Nikoubakht-Tak and F. Mazban that incandescent light-bulbs will soon be banned.
A. Wong, M. Yan and A. Savoie with the Intelligent Wireless Fire Alarm System.
J. Hosein, A. Luan and K. Vu with Dr. Raahemifar and Double-Sided MEMS-Based Mirror.
J. Kommala and J. Chan with Embedded System on a Programmable Chip for Application Control.
T. Kwan, M. Gabra and W. Kungl discuss the Autopilot System for Motorized Vehicle with Dr. G. Khan.
S. Ziaee, S. Behinaein and R. Zamyadi with Termor Data Logger for Parkinson’s Patients.