Dr. Stalin Boctor, P. Eng., is the inaugural recipient of the Errol Aspevig Award for Outstanding Academic Leadership. The Errol Aspevig Award is presented to a senior academic administrator who has advanced the mission of Ryerson University through outstanding academic leadership.
The award ceremony and reception took place on June 23rd, 2009.
Ceremony– Errol Aspevig Award
Alan Shepard, Provost & V.P. Academic
Mohamed Lachemi, Associate Dean
Sheldon Levy presenting the Award to S. Boctor
S. Boctor gives his acceptance speech.
S. Boctor, Dean FEAS
Errol Aspevig, former Provost, & V.P. Academic
Diane Schulman, S. Boctor, M. Lachemi, A. Shepard
S. Levy, University President
S. Levy congratulates S. Boctor