This is a photo album of the fourth-year students demonstrating their Capstone Design Project in biomedical engineering, DSP, power electronics, communications, remote sensing & robotics, held on April 30, 2009.
2009 Open House
S. Krishnan inaugurates the annual open house in the Atrium.
S. Naghshineh, G. Ameri, M. Zereshki and the Human Motion-Capture project.
B. McIntosh, M. Vosoughi & M. Gendil with their Wireless Sensor Network.
E. Sekoh, S. Isaac, A. Fakhria– Robotic Trumpet Instructor.
Close-up of the Robotic Trumpet Instructor hardware.
Sally Isaac demostrates the Trumpet Instructor to a young visitor.
Close-up of a part of the Vestibular Rehabilitation System hardware.
A. Tino, N. Preto, M. Carvalho– Vestibular Rehabilitation System.
C. Thula, S. Kare, N. Chahal– RFID-based Medicine Tracking System.
Intelligent Wireless Headphones– M. Salimi-Mosavil, A. Farsani, B. Jahanbakhsh
The Communicating Robots.
R. Bhanabhai, R. Marquez, R. Rathore– Communicating Robots.
4-Degree of Freedom Anthropomorphic Robot Arm to Digital Raster Image Output.
J. Chia demonstrates the robotic arm.
R. Yang, D. Yu & A. Pezzi– FTIR Multi-Touch.
Wireless Automated Parking Meter– Mozhdeh, V. Vijayanathan and Z. Karim.
Android Home Controller/Monitor– K. Tsang, E. Yuen & D. Truong.
Vessel Control & Tracking System– R. Sadowski, C. Dorobantu, M. Kong.
Close-up of the Vessel Control and Tracking hardware.
Wireless Indoor Location Simulator– T, Sambasivam, Q. Cheung & M. Soh.
Smart Info Pad for Museums & Galleries– K. Noel, L. Gherardini, N. Abad & K. Jao.
A. Shah, K. Babbar, I. Bosompem– Payload  for Ryerson Pico-satellite.
Payload (Camera) for Ryerson Pico-satellite (RYESAT).
B. Dingwall, M. Kozakowski, A. Dharssi– Autonomous Air Hockey Table.
Quad-Rotor Unmanned Air Vehicle (grounded due to flight restrictions in the Atrium).
Triple Level Protection Passage System– M. Rashid, N. Sawhney & M. Baig.
J. Walusimbi, P. Kure, A. Aborhey, Dr. Cheung– Active Power Filter for Wind Power Inverter.