Photographs by: Luis Fernandes. Canon 50D, 24-105mm f/4L lens (photographed at f/4, in Aperture Priority mode, Exposure Bracketing ±⅓EV, Auto White Balance, Auto ISO).
Open House 2009
Multi-Joint Sports Monitor– K. Hsu, S. Chia.
Smart Wireless Lighting and Heating Control– T. Edwards, A. Wong.
Power System Generation Excitation Controller.
Fire Monitoring and Tracking System– Student without his name-tag and P. Lau.
M. Toste poses with the Car Security System project team.
D. Xu and a group.
A future Ryerson student and his mom visit the open house.
J. Smith confers with a student about the Inexpensive Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor project.
Visitors to the GPS Tracking Data Logger project.
The VLSI research group– Tarek, Dominic & Nima visit the open house.
Panoramic image-stitch of the Atrium.