Part 22: Construction of the Centre for Computing and Engineering

Part 22: Before the Move

Jun 28, 2004, 8:15pm
It's not White terrazzo, it's "Light Gray No.1".

Jul 5, 2004, 2:15pm
Just back from a site visit, Jason and Jim compare the building plans
with what was actually built. Just a few, small surprises. Really.

Jul 8, 2004, 8:00pm
The North entrance at
Church and Gould is nearing completion.

Jul 9, 2004, 10:41pm
The 2nd floor has lights.

Jul 9, 2004, 3:30pm
Some labs are nearly completed and ready
for occupancy. But a few things like power, lights,
switches, ceiling tiles, and HVAC remain to be installed.

Jul 9, 2004, 3:30pm
And then there are other labs like this one...

Jul 12, 2004, 8:00pm
The blue foam under the rebar is to
insulate the concrete which will be
electrically heated during the winter.

Jul 15, 2004, 4:00pm
Posing for a group shot, tape-guns locked and loaded,
during a site-visit to place signs on lab doors.
(L-R: Tu, Nipin, Jason, some guy
and Jim).

Jul 15, 2004, 4:00pm
Jim wonders whether the black walls of the
dark room are some sort of joke.

Jul 15, 2004, 4:00pm
The white-boards have separate illumination.

Jul 15, 2004, 4:00pm
Panorama of the Atrium viewed from the third floor.

Jul 15, 2004, 4:00pm
Panorama of the Atrium viewed from the fourth floor.

Jul 15, 2004, 4:00pm
The curious visitor from before,
returns for a closer inspection
of the Atrium.

Jul 15, 2004, 4:00pm
Work progresses in the big auditorium.

Jul 15, 2004, 4:00pm
A typical lecture room (unfinished, of course).

Jul 15, 2004, 4:00pm
Back from the site visit, Jason phones-in
the latest surprises.

Jul 16, 2004, 12:20pm
A close-up of the electrical heater elements
attached to the rebar with yellow zip-ties.

Jul 16, 2004, 8:00pm
External lights installed along Dalhousie.

Jul 16, 2004, 8:05pm
Silver-grey cladding on the South Church exit.

Jul 16, 2004, 4:05pm
Labs are packed and readied for the move
beginning the following Monday.
Benches and cabinets are labeled
with maps of the destination rooms.

Jul 16, 2004, 4:05pm
Staff began packing labs in May.

Jul 16, 2004, 4:05pm
Every piece of equipment that has to move
requires a label, or it doesn't move.

Jul 16, 2004, 4:05pm
Each lab was triple checked for completeness.

Jul 16, 2004 5:00pm
After a walk-through, Jim and Jason enjoy the hospitality of the
roof-top breakfast area (soon to be restricted access only).

Jul 20, 2004 5:00pm
View south through the stairwell grille-- you can
see out but they can't see in.

Jul 20, 2004 5:00pm
The main auditorium is coming along.

Jul 20, 2004 5:00pm
The curious visitor brings a friend.

Jul 20, 2004 5:00pm
Glass begins to be installed in the Atrium.

Jul 24, 2004 12:30am
First floor has lignts.

Jul 26, 2004, 8:00pm
Closeup of an external light fixture.

Jul 27, 2004, 3:00pm
Closeup of the water-fountain (one per floor)
next to the passenger elevators.

Jul 27, 2004, 3:00pm
Installation of Jason's kitchen (maple-veneer finish
on cabinets), complete with built-in fridge, sink, microwave
and toaster-oven.

Jul 27, 2004, 3:00pm
A conference between Jason and CCS, about network cabling issues,
held in the departmental meeting room.
(Notice the top-edge of the window relative to a person's head.
I've managed to bash my head on that edge every time I went to look out
the window— fortunately I was wearing my hard-hat; consider yourself warned.)

Jul 28, 2004, 4:00pm
Jason's beautiful kitchen is installed.
Easily accessible network jacks for
plugging-in internet appliances.
Hmmmm...why is Jim grinning?

Jul 29, 2004 7:30pm
The steps of the north entrance set.

Jul 29, 2004 7:30pm
Window cleaning with the crane.

Jul 29, 2004 7:35pm
The main doors along Church are installed.

Photography and Commentary: Luis Fernandes.

Camera details: 3.2 megapixel Canon S30 SureShot with 3X optical zoom; Av F2.8 - 8.0; Tv 1/1500 - 15 sec; ISO 50 - 800; manual or automatic focus and light-metering capable.

Other Notes: Original photos have a resolution of 3.2 M pixels. Panoramas are created using Adobe Photoshop to “stitch-together” 2 or more images and optionally touched-up to fill blank spaces.