Part 25: Construction of the Centre for Computing and Engineering


Sep 1, 2004
...mailboxes installed.

Sep 1, 2004
More sidewalk pouring along Church Street view from the fourth floor.

Sep 1, 2004
The Green Roof.

Sep 1, 2004
Closeup of the grass which was planted over the course of several days, by two
beautiful women, known as the "plant people". Are any amateur
botanists able to identify the species?

Aug 2004
The soil was pumped-up to the roof by a truck parked on Dalhousie; it was spread
over plastic "egg-cartons" interspersed with clay rocks.

Sep 3, 2004
Paving stone installation begins.

Sep 8, 2004
Main stairs to the Lower Level.

Sep 8, 2004
Paving is mostly finished; the lights and bushes remain.

Sep 8, 2004
You don't realize how noisy the building is, until you step into the
acoustically perfect Auditorium shown here with only the stage, the
steps and sides lit. The screen is not big-- it's behind the center
speaker. Perhaps we can look forward to a TIFF premiere next year.

Sep 8, 2004
The lighting (4 main banks, side-banks, foot-lights, stage-pots, dimmer) and screen controls
in the Auditorium.

Sep 2004
Fully lit Auditorium; foot-lights are visible; the base of each aisle seat
has duplex plug (the small white boxes) for laptop users. I
don't know whether the sound system is 5.1 Surround as the podium was
not fully operational.

Sep 14 2004
Installing the street lights.

Sep 14 2004
Completed installation of the lights, viewed from the fourth floor.

Sep 23, 2004
The high temperatures in the south-wing labs required some adjustments of the

Sep 27, 2004
First floor, south corridor along Church St.

Sep 23, 2004
Fourth floor, south corridor. The blue sign on the left elevator doors reads
"Elevator temporarily out of service"; this elevator was the only one
in operation during the move and perhaps that has taken a toll. It is
a surprise to have an elevator require maintenence so quickly into
its lifetime.

Sep 27, 2004
A night view looking north along Church-- the unlit patches along the corridors
are due to the occupancy sensors shutting off the lights to save

Sep 27, 2004
The Church-Gould corner sidewalk construction causes
quite a traffic jam on Church.

Sep 27, 2004
A close-up view from the corner outside.

Sep 27, 2004
Another close-up view from the inside of the building.

Photography and Commentary: Luis Fernandes.

Camera details: 3.2 megapixel Canon S30 SureShot with 3X optical zoom; Av F2.8 - 8.0; Tv 1/1500 - 15 sec; ISO 50 - 800; manual or automatic focus and light-metering capable.

Other Notes: Original photos have a resolution of 3.2 M pixels. Panoramas are created using Adobe Photoshop to “stitch-together” 2 or more images and optionally touched-up to fill blank spaces.