Part 27: Construction of the Centre for Computing and Engineering

The Atrium Opens

Oct 29, 2004
Work continues on the Atrium stage; the view from outside my office.

Oct 29, 2004
The paper protecting the glass walls is removed (seen crumpled on the floor)
revealing the Corian™ tables in the Atrium, still covered with
protective foam. The decorative pillars are covered in wood-veneer
from a native South-African tree (possibly Wenge; the grain and shade
resembles Walnut).

Oct 29, 2004
A light rain always enhances night shots with cool reflections.

Nov 1, 2004
Panorama of the Atrium from just inside the entrance.

Nov 1, 2004
Masonry work on the stage-floor is completed as construction continues on the
Donor Wall, also made of Corian™, which will be back-lit
for a cool effect (hopefully).

Nov 2004
A view on the following night shows that most of cardboard protecting the granite
floor has been removed as the Atrium nears completion.

Nov 1, 2004
A SkyJack™ is used by the cleaners to reach the "upper" glass in the Atrium.

Nov 3, 2004
The Ryerson Access Center, which caters to the needs of handicapped students, put
up posters listing various building deficiencies; in this case,
a handicapped-washroom door without a button. Ryerson Campus Planning
will be meeting with the architects to inquire why accessiblity was
overlooked in the building design.

Nov 3, 2004
Non-existent handicapped-washroom on the 1st floor, next to the main stairs.

Nov 3, 2004
Missing strobe-lights to alert hearing-impaired students that the fire-alarm has been activated.

Nov 2, 2004
Remaining electrical work is completed by State, the electrical contractors for
this project.

Nov 2, 2004
The cleaners continue cleaning the Atrium glass.

Nov 2, 2004
Freshly applied grout dries on the Atrium stage as the lectern is installed and wired.

Nov 4, 2004
Installation of a screen and banners in the Atrium.

Nov 5, 2004
Permanent signage is installed. It's surprising to
see the corridor lighting operating on such a bright and sunny day.

Nov 5, 2004
The Big Blue Carpet arrives. The second lectern and a pair of speakers is
installed because the Atrium sound-system is not operational yet.

Nov 5, 2004
Preparations for the invitation-only event on Saturday and Sunday hosted by Ryerson
for the Alumni Achievement Awards (As far as I know, this event
was not part of the official building inauguration, as suggested
[updated, Nov. 9].)

Nov 5, 2004
The Atrium viewed from above. The motorized screen and the two banners hide the
unfinished Donor Wall.

Nov 5, 2004
This temporary structure mounted on the Donor Wall is an air baffle (there are 2
air-ducts behind the baffle). It was built to deflect the air away
from the motorized screen. In the initial concept, the Donor Wall
was to double as a projection screen so perhaps the motorized screen
is also temporary.

Nov 8, 2004
Trees are delivered.

Nov 8, 2004
The trees are planted along the west and north sidewalks.

Photography and Commentary: Luis Fernandes.

Camera details: 5 megapixel Canon S60 SureShot.

Other Notes: Original photos have a resolution of 5 M pixels. Panoramas are created using Adobe Photoshop to “stitch-together” 2 or more images and optionally touched-up to fill blank spaces.