Part 32: Construction of the Centre for Computing and Engineering

More Donor Wall Construction

May 2, 2005
A different style of seating was installed in several places at
the North and South ends of the building.

May 16, 2005
The Donor Wall is dismantled yet again.

May 16, 2005
The backs of each Corian panel is given a coat of black paint.

May 16, 2005
The Donor wall is composed of multiple Corian panels assembled
into a frame which is mounted onto the wall.

May 16, 2005
The greater the donation, the higher the place on the Wall.

May 18, 2005
A large crack in the ceiling on the fourth floor just
outside the elevators.

May 18, 2005
Another large and worrisome crack in the ceiling slab
outside ENG409 lab.

Photography and Commentary: Luis Fernandes.

Camera details: 5 megapixel Canon S60 SureShot.

Other Notes: Original photos have a resolution of 5 M pixels. Panoramas are created using Adobe Photoshop to “stitch-together” 2 or more images and optionally touched-up to fill blank spaces.