Moving to the Centre for Computing and Engineering

Loading the Truck in EPH
Loading the truck Loading cabinets Loading tables Loading EPH225
Child labour Loading the truck EPH132 done. Truck leaving

The loading of the truck went very smoothly and was well co-ordinated. The moving-crew was split into 4 teams: one team loaded contents onto dollies and rolled them down to the EPH loading-dock, the second team loaded the dollies into the waiting truck; the third team (and driver) emptied the truck in the ENG dock and the fourth team placed the unloaded contents into the proper locations in ENG. One or two ELCE staff supervised each team. (All these clips were recorded over a period of several weeks beginning in mid-July, 2004 and ending in August.)

"The Great Escape": Moving the Motor/Generator Sets
Rolling up the EPH loading dock... ...Rolling down Mutual... ...Mutual continued... ...Rolling down Dalhousie...

Since the motor-generator sets from the Electric Machines lab had wheels, they were just rolled down the street from EPH to ENG. The ENG freight-elevator broke-down, stranding 3 of the motor-generator sets in the loading dock for several days.
Such move-techniques were only possible if the weather co-operated. The summer was mostly sunny and cool, though a few days with drizzle did make things difficult. The hot and humid days were the worst for the moving crew-- a few of them suffered from dehydration and nausea. The lack of air-conditioning, poor ventilation and potable water in the unfinished building, compounded the misery for everyone working there.

Unloading The Truck in ENG

The two major causes of delays in unloading at ENG, were due to poor scheduling of access to the loading dock and the numerous break-downs of the freight elevator, caused by dirt and stones filling the door-guides and initiating a system fault. This move was a perfect illustration of the "hurry-up and wait" metaphor.
Daniel was responsible for traffic control at the ENG dock. He notified those working upstairs, via radio, when the trucks arrived and how much furniture and equipment still remained.
(There are fewer clips of the unloading phase as I was responsible for supervising the packing and loading back in EPH and was only able to get to the ENG dock with the last truck of the day.)

Chiller-pipe leak in ENG302 A peek out the balcony on a late night Wandering the halls on a late night [Movie] Furniture in the corridor

The chiller-pipe leak resulted in several late-night phone-calls and a few people were dragged out of bed to deal with it. No equipment was damaged as the drop-sheets covering the benches (to protect the equipment from construction dust) conveniently doubled as umbrellas.
Due to "on-site" delays, the set-up of the labs was postponed until August (even though some furniture had already been moved by mid-July); many late nights and weekends in August were spent setting-up the equipment in the undergrad labs to ensure operation by September. (The late-night clips were recorded during our 9pm dinner-break.)

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AVI clips are shot on a Canon S30; 30s at of 320x200 video at 15fps, approximately 6 MB each. A few of the movies were shot on a Canon S60 at 640x480.

Movies and Commentary: Luis Fernandes.


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