ENG413 Sprinkler Leak


On Nov. 25, 2004, at approximately 5:30pm, one or more sprinklers in ENG413 were activated and the fire-alarm sounded. All students working in the vicinity of ENG413 were asked to leave the building. The firemen arrived approximately 10 minutes later, made sure there was no fire and then left to find the sprinkler-pump shut-off valve. The power to ENG 411, 412 and 413 was switched-off via the main breaker-panel. Around 6:00pm the sprinker was shut-off. Most of the water in the corridor and labs had been cleaned-up by 7:00pm by the firemen. Ryerson cleaning staff arrived and continued the mop-up. We all left around 7:30pm after a quick look around and a brief chat with Campus Planning.


The fire-alarm system cannot be re-enabled until the sprinker is repaired and the sprinkler-system is re-charged. Additionally, the building cannot be occupied until the fire-alarm system is operational. Until then, the entire building is under a Fire Watch, meaning that security has to patrol the building and perform visual checks.

In the labs with water-damage, the trenches carrying power, have to be opened, cleaned of water, inspected for any damage, repaired and checked by an electrician before the power can be switched-on again.

Damage to the labs on the 3rd floor consists of soggy ceiling tiles and dry-wall. The trenches will also have to be checked for damage. The water was leaking through the light-fixtures and the fire-alarm speakers.

A look inside ENG413 reveals the sprinkler on the north wall is spewing water. The water level was approximately 2-3 inches in the lab.

By the time the firemen arrive, the water has traveled the corridor to ENG411 (it had travelled the entire length of the south corridor).

A look inside ENG412 shows the extent of water intrusion is limited to the entire back wall and mostly around the door.

Matthew Forrest from SCS talks to Jason while waiting for the sprinker pump to be shut-off.

A look at the rescue vehicles outside CCE building.

The firemen return with vacuum cleaners and squeeges.

Inspecting the damage.

The district fire-chief speaks to Jason (hm...looks like a student forgot their scarf on the chair).

Cleanup is nearly complete.

Final checks before leaving.

Sprinkler head pipe jammed shut with a piece of wood.

Ryerson janitors continue the cleanup.

Dec 01. Sprinkler head capped and damaged drywall ceiling removed.

Dec 01. 3rd floor lab without ceiling tiles and damaged t-bars .


Movies are in AVI format, viewable with xanim or mplayer under Unix and Media Player under Windows.

17:45 Sprinkler viewed from the lab-door. (2 MB)

17:45 Sprinkler in lab and water in corridor. (5 MB)

17:53 TFD arrives. (43 MB)

18:28 Mopping-up the corridor. (8 MB)

Commentary & photography: Luis Fernandes.

Camera: 5MP Canon S60 SureShot.