Kaamran Raahemifar


  • PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering (1996-1999), Windsor University, Ontario, Canada.
  • MASc, Electrical and Computer Engineering (1991-1993), Waterloo University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
  • BASc, Electrical Engineering (1985-1988), Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.
  • Professor, Electrical and Computer Engg. Dept. (2012-present), Ryerson University
  • Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engg. Dept. (2002-2011), Ryerson University
  • Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engg. Dept. (1999-2001), Ryerson University.
  • Chief Scientist (1998-1999), Electronic Workbench
  • Instructor, Electrical & Computer Engg. Dept., (1997-1999), University of Windsor



1. Optimization in Engineering: Theory and Application

  • Net-Zero Community (Load/Generation Management)
  • Smart-Grid (Generation, Transmission and Distribution Optimization)
  • Micro-Grid, Renewable Energy Integration
  • Neural Networks in Human Behavioral Analysis
  • Biomedical Image Processing (Reconstruction, Denoising, Super Resolution)
  • Biomedical Signal Processing (Brain and Heart Signals)
  • Computer and Wireless Network Performance Analysis and Optimization

2. Big Data Analysis (Dictionary/Sparse Representations, Interpolation, Predictions)

  • Medical Data Analysis and Predictions
  • Stock Market Data Analysis and Predictions
  • Traffic Data Analysis and Predictions
  • Stability and security Analysis and Improvements of Large systems
  • Power Analysis and Forecasting
  • Predictive models
  • Abnormalities and Anomalies detections
  • Statistical Analyses

3. Modelling, Simulation, Design, and Testing

  • Circuits (Low and High Frequency, Low Power)
  • Fault Detection, Location, and System Restoration
  • Energy Efficient House (Thermal Modeling and Analysis)
  • Tissue Modelling

4. Time-Based Operations

  • VLSI Circuits Designs
  • Cryptography



  • Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science Dean's Service Award (Dec. 2014)
  • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Chair Research Award (Dec. 2014)
  • Faculty of Engineering, Architecture, and Science Best Teaching Award (Apr. 2011)
  • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Best Teaching Award (Dec. 2011)
  • ELCE-GSA Professor of the Year Award (Elected by Graduate Student's body, 2010)