The faculty members of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering actively undertake leading-edge research over a broad spectrum of electrical, computer, and biomedical engineering including biomedical signal processing, bioinformatics, biosensors, computer architecture, computer networks, control systems, robotics, digital communications, digital signal processing, embedded systems, electromagnetics, integrated circuits, microsystems, multimedia, power electronics, power systems, wireless sensor networks, and wireless and optical communications.


BIN WU • NSERC/Rockwell Senior Industrial Research Chair in Power Electronics and Electric Drives
EBRAHIM BAGHERI • NSERC Tier-2 Canada Research Chair in Software and Semantic Computing
• NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Social Media Analytics
SRI KRISHNAN • NSERC Tier-2 Canada Research Chair in Biomedical Signal Processing
VICTOR YANG • NSERC Tier-2 Canada Research Chair in Bioengineering and Biophotonics