Embedded Computer Systems
EE 8205
Graduate: M.Eng/M.A.Sc/PhD
Lecture: via ZOOM              Lab: Virtual/ENG408
Gul N. Khan

  Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering


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  Welcome to EE8205 : Embedded Computer Systems website for Fall 2021

The course will cover real-time and embedded system concept and hardware-software co-design for embedded systems and system on programmable chips (SoPC).
The main topics to be covered in the course include the introduction of representative microprocessors suitable for embedded systems, micro-controllers, real-time operating systems, real-time scheduling techniques, concurrency, system on chip and hardware software co-design tools. ARM Cortex M3 micro-controller will be studied and its development environment will be used to investigate RTOS and real-time scheduling techniques. State of the art applications of embedded systems will also be introduced.
 Instructor:  Dr. Gul N. Khan


  • Students wish to register for this course should have an exposure to a high level language (like C, C++, etc.) and a little bit of exposure to assembly language of any microprocessor.
  • A basic knowledge of microprocessor architecture and any operating systems will be an asset.

 Welcome to the Fall 2021 EE8205 "Embedded Computer Systems" website.
 The course will be offered virtual via Zoom meeting. If possible, few in-person lectures may be arranged     
 after consultation with the enrolled students.
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 Text Book
 1. Computers as Components: Principles of Embedded Computing System Design 
      by M. Wolf, 4th Edition, 2016. Morgan Kaufmann- Elsevier Publishers 
      ISBN 978-0-12-388436-7
  2. Fundamental of Embedded Software with the ARM Cortex M3, 2nd Edition,
       by Daniel W. Lewis, Pearson 2013, ISBN 978-0-13-291654-7
 Reference Books
   1. Real-time Systems and Programming Languages 
     by Alan Burns and Andy Wellings 
     3rd Edition, 2001. Addison Wesley (Pearson Education Limited) 
     ISBN  0 201 72988 1
   2. SystemC: From the Ground Up, 2nd Edition, D.C. Black, Donovan, Bunton & Keist, Springer 2010 
     ISBN 978-0-387-69958-5. 
   3. Embedded Core Design with FPGAs (Also Recommended for FPGA based Projects)
      Zainalabedin Navabi,  McGraw-Hill, 2007, ISBN-13: 9780071474818   (ISBN-10: 0071474811) 
 Additional teaching material will be identified by the instructor.

  Dr. Gul N. Khan Phone #: (416) 979-5000 ext. 556084 
  Consultation Hours: by Appointment via ZOOM, Office: ENG448 

 Course Evaluation and Marking Scheme

  • Labs (Virtual Online): 20% + [5% Bonus Marks]
  • Project: 40%
  • Final Exam:  40%

 Timeline of Project Design, Development and Implementation