This journal documents my experiences with a Canon 50D, my first DSLR camera, purchased on Oct. 16, 2008. The camera was end-of-lined by Canon in July 2010 and the 60D was announced.

Friday Foto: Berberis thunbergii


Fri Oct 01 16:31:30 2010

From Friday Foto

Canon S95 Photo Samples


Mon Oct 04 12:27:27 2010

DPReview has posted sample photographs of the Canon S95. The low-light photos are nice and clean. I would also have liked to have seen some low-light portraits.

Friday Foto: Seed Collection


Fri Oct 08 12:16:47 2010

From Friday Foto

Today's photo is of various seeds I have collected either in the wild or in the home (e.g. apple seeds). When I go for walks, I typically carry a small, plastic fishing tackle box to store the seeds.

It was photographed with the 24-105mm/4L. A 10 second exposure at ISO200, with the lens zoomed to 105mm at f/16.

Friday Foto: Hudson's Bay Canoes Window Display


Fri Oct 15 11:59:55 2010

From Friday Foto: Downtown

Photographed after a two-month summer hiatus. First night-time shots with the 24mm. I was standing in the middle of the curb lane when I photographed this Queen Street window display of canoes, dressed in Hudson's Bay Co. livery. Fortunately, there was a truck parked a bit further down, blocking traffic in the lane. In hindsight, I should have used a deeper DOF and slightly higher ISO.

Lens Filters

Fri Oct 15 12:39:50 2010

A very nice introduction to lens filters for photographers who prefer the purist approach by doing everything in-camera; unlike those who like spending hours in the digital darkroom fixing things with Photoshop filters (that would be me).

Portrait of New York City


Sat Oct 16 12:01:37 2010

Ten photographs from a new book and exhibition curated by Reuel Golden, showing iconic photographs collected since 1900.

Friday Foto: Fall Colours


Fri Oct 22 12:55:04 2010

From Friday Foto
From Friday Foto

Taken this morning, with the 24mm/1.4L.

Steadying the Camera in low-light


Fri Oct 22 17:21:29 2010

When you don't have a tripod or a stable post to lean the camera against, here are a few techniques to steady the camera in low-light.

Definitely watch the Joe McNally video at the end for his technique, which I will be trying out. It never occured to me to put the camera on my shoulder! It's very ironic to see McNally discussing camera-steadying technique for low-light because he's the KING OF FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY!.

Friday Foto: Halloween Moon


Fri Oct 29 2010

From Friday Foto
From Friday Foto

The moonlit sky always looks more dramatic when filled with clouds. These were photographed with the 24mm lens while the camera was braced against a stop-sign and a lamppost. I forget to force to ISO (it was set on Auto) so there is more noise than usual. I had just restarted photographing after the summer hiatus so my technique was rusty.

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