This journal documents my experiences with a Canon 50D, my first DSLR camera, purchased on Oct. 16, 2008. The camera was end-of-lined by Canon in July 2010 and the 60D was announced.

Friday Foto: CN Tower from Under the Gardiner


Fri 01 Apr 2011 01:43:11 PM EDT

From Pfoto 2011

I used the "diagonal element used as a leading line and space-divider" technique to compose this photograph (the top edge of the Gardiner leads the viewer's eye towards the barely-visible CN Tower and it divides the space between land and sky.). I was able to take two photogrpahs before the CN Tower disappeared in the fog. I don't really like this spot because the lamp-post is in the way, so I intend in re-taking it a bit further down.

Lots of noise reduction and desaturation of the bright colours for an almost monochromatic photograph. I wanted to emphasize the enormity of the concrete of the Gardiner compared to the "tiny" CN Tower.



Fri 01 Apr 2011 01:47:27 PM EDT

Some time ago, I found a great site explaining various photographic composition techniques using lots of examples from famous photographs and art.

I prettified it into a PDF (and loaded it onto my iPad) and in the future, I hope to incorporate the rule-of-thirds information into it.

LuLa X100 Field Report

review gear

Mon 04 Apr 2011 01:10:19 PM EDT

A review of the X100 from Luminous Landscapes.

My X100 is on backorder, delayed 2-4 weeks.

Friday Foto: A Familiar Building


Fri 08 Apr 2011 01:15:05 PM EDT

From Pfoto 2011

Suspicious Package on Ryerson Campus


Fri 08 Apr 2011 01:28:53 PM EDT

A slideshow of my photos from yesterday's suspicious package incident at Church and Gould.  

"How To Steal Like An Artist"


Fri 08 Apr 2011 05:12:18 PM EDT

A talk titled, "How To Steal Like An Artist (And 9 Other Things Nobody Told Me)", hopes to inspire creativity in artists. I found myself agreeing with many of the slides and considering others.

Friday Foto: Waiting on Track 3


Fri 15 Apr 2011 01:48:35 PM EDT

From Pfoto 2011

This is a lucky shot because there is typically no one waiting for the train at this time on that track because the eastbound train doesn't arrive for another 40 minutes. Also, I had my camera with me.

A Discussion on the Future of Cameras

Sun 17 Apr 2011 10:16:58 AM EDT

I spent an enjoyable Sunday breakfast reading a three-part discussion on the future of digital cameras.

In related news, the latest statistics on camera use indicates that the iPhone 4 will soon overtake DSLRs as the most popular camera on Flickr while use of the point-and-shoot compact camera is diving.

Aside: It's been 2 weeks and it looks like my Fuji X100 back-order is going to go the distance to 4 weeks.

Update: Thu 21 Apr 2011 04:38:10 PM EDT: Yesterday I received an email notifying me that the delay is now 4-6 weeks. (Let's just say 6 weeks.)

SKYNET Became Self-Aware Today


Thu 21 Apr 2011 04:36:13 PM EDT

From Pfoto 2011

Collision Detection


Thu 21 Apr 2011 20:40:19 PM EDT

From Pfoto 2011

Friday Foto: Marta's Cactus


Fri 22 Apr 2011 12:44:25 PM EDT

From Friday Foto

The high-key lighting of this photograph camouflages the window sill and the dotted pattern on the window, to focus the viewer's attention on the subject.

I used Spot-Metering and metered on the dark earth in the pot, then locked the exposure with "*" and recomposed the photograph. After the first photograph, I checked the exposure and compensated with -2/3 EV.

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