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Part 0: Prologue

Nov 12, 2007— Jan 28, 2008
Joy of Tech Confirmation Email Greenlight Bitfrost OLPC Ad, Demo and Review Deadline Extended "A Little Laptop With Big Ambitions" One Beer Chiller Per Child OLPC in Nigeria Shipping Information Boston Globe Report First Deployment Unboxing Pics Shipping Pentagram G1G0 OLPC Office Still Waiting... The Canadian Situation Intel Quits Overwhelming Success

Part 1

Mar 06 — May 31, 2008
Debacle Amazon Fulfillment Resignation Citizen Kane Good News Radical Goal Shift Just Another Laptop One 2 One Mate The Jesus Laptop It Arrived! XP on XO Announcing: Sugar Labs Week 1 XO Report Installing an Activity Observations XO: The Next Generation Yves Behar Activity Handbook Week 2 Report

Part 2

Jun — Jul 2008

Part 3

Aug — Dec 2008

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