Integrated Circuits and Systems Research Group

Integrated Circuits and Systems (ICS) Research Group in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Ryerson University is directed by Professor Fei Yuan. We are undertaking a number of research initiatives focusing on the development of novel integrated circuits and systems for high-speed data communications over wire channels, technology-friendly mixed-mode signal processing, and passive wireless microsystems for emerging applications.

Time-Mode Circuits and Systems for Mixed-Mode Signal Processing.

The rapid scaling of CMOS technology has resulted in a sharp increase in time resolution and the continuous reduction of voltage resolution. As a result, time-mode circuits where information is represented by the time difference between the occurrences of digital events rather than the nodal voltages or branch currents of electric networks offer a viable and technology-friendly means to combat scaling-induced performance degradation of mixed-mode systems. Research in time-mode circuits and systems for mixed-mode signal processing focuses on the development of ultra-low power noise-shaping time-to-digital converters (TDCs), all-digital phase-locked loops (ADPLLs), and all-digital delta-sigma modulators for analog-to-digital conversion.

SerDes for Hig-Speed Data Communications over Wire Channels.

The need for high-speed SerDes (Serializers/De-Serializers) is fueled by the explosive growth of the broad range applications of big data. Multi-Gbps inner-chip and inter-chip data communications are the backbone of these emerging applications. Research on data communications over wire channels focuses on the development of novel circuits and systems for adaptive channel equalization, high-speed all-digital phase-locked loops, and reference-free clock and data recovery.

Passive Wireless Microsystems

Research on passive wireless microsystems is cetered on the development of high-efficiency power harvesters, the remote calibration of passive wireless microsystems, high-precision low-power voltage references, ultra-low power analog-to-digital data converters, low-power voltage regulators, and other key blocks of passive wireless microsystems.

The research of ICS Research Group has been financially supported by various funding agencies including Canada Foundation for Innovation, Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada, CMC Microsystems, Ryerson University, and industrial partners to which we are deeply grateful.

The graduates of ICS group elected to pursue their doctoral studies at leading universities such as University of California at Los Angeles, University of Toronto, McGill University, University of Waterloo, etc. or are pursuing a career at tier-1 semiconductor incorporations such as Advanced Micro Devices, Intel, Micron Technologies, Rambus, Symnopsis, and TSMC.