About HEC

The Faculty of Computer and Electrical Engineering is proud to present the Hobby Electronics Club or HEC for short. Our sole purpose is to provide Electrical And Computer Engineering Students with a window into the working world, in order to help them define their futures and provide hands on experience. There are several ways in which we would like to active this for you!

• Learn new software used in the industry, not provided by Ryerson curriculum. Also expand on software such as matlab and simulink. We intend to purchase or have donated popular software that is used by companies you may end up working for. Come learn how to use them giving you the ability to impress your employers on your first day at work.

• Meet Engineers and companies through our conferences and presentations which may be only available to members. Learn from people who are doing what you want what its like out in the working world. Find out what field you would like to enter on graduation. Gain contacts and future job prospects by meeting managers and Engineers in the filed.

• Join us on trips to see the work force in person, and also be exposed to the educational theories you are receiving at school, in practical applications, in the industry! Don’t try and picture what your learning in your head. Come see it for real!

• Design and Build programs and circuits from your own imagination, or from our bank of projects ideas we provide threw our brainstorming or on line archives. Or come join our solar car team and help us build our model solar car!

• Learn about different components and products used by the industry such as various PLC’s, PIC’s, micro controller boards, actuators and other various simple circuits and components like relays, switches, motors, safety devices. Don’t let yourself be made fun of your first day at work cause you have no idea the safety relay you where asking your subordinates to get for you was actually sitting right on your desk!

• Become exposed to the business side of engineering. Learn from experts during presentations, and use these project management and development skills as we will be implementing them in all of our major projects. Smaller projects will not be subject to proposals or interviews.

• Show off your projects at our bi-yearly science fairs or (HEC fair). Let teachers see what you have been doing. Show them that the thesis idea you have is feasible and worth their and your investment. Show professors and other students that just because your grades may not be as high as you wish, that you do know what your doing. Or in contrast, show students that may think you just memorize stuff and practically know nothing that its not true!

• Compete in competitions such as OEC and various IEEE competitions earning respect for yourself, and our school as well as exposing yourself to future job opportunities and even a patent on your groundbreaking ideas! We intend to provide training and support for anyone entering or wishing to enter a competition.

Don’t let this opportunity slip past you! Come learn with friends outside of the stressful classroom! Learn at your own pace! Learn what you want!

To join, simply contact us at hec@ee.ryerson.ca including your name and the e-mail address you would like us to add to our mailing list. And a quick write up as to what you want to gain from our club.


We are able to accommodate other Engineering students however for safety issues other Engineering students must show that they able to safely handle themselves in the lab and demonstrate some attribute(s) that will aid the project(s) in the labs.