Hobby Electronics Club: Constitution


The name of the club will be known as The Hobby Electronics club and may be referred to as HEC.


The Hobby Electronics Club is exclusive to Ryerson Electrical and Computer Engineering students and will allow students to gain experience with electronics. HEC will deal with a variety of internal and external electronic projects, which will be defined by the executive members. It will also provide individuals with access to equipment and parts for personal electrical and computer oriented projects upon approval of the executive. The club may NOT be used for school related academic projects, labs, or assignments.

Role of Executive members

The club will be organized and run by 5 executive members from the faculty of Electrical or Computing Engineering. The executive members will be the President, Vice President, Lab coordinator and V.P. Finance. The decisions made by the executive members for the club will need the majority of the executive members support in order to be valid.

The President will:
- Run meetings (Adductor)
- Represent club
- Emphasize the need for equal participation and assumption of the responsibilities of each executive member.

The Vice President will:
- Ensure smooth functioning of the club.
- Advise the President.
- Assume presidential duties in the absence of the President.
- Take on the administrative responsibilities for the projects

Lab Co-ordinator:
- To insure that the labs are available and in working order
- To make sure students are working on non related academic projects and using the parts provided in a valid project that was approved by the HEC Executive.
- Help with inventory management

The V.P. Finance will:
- Responsible for keeping track if inventory, by keeping inventory lists up to date. This includes signing in and out of parts given to students.
- financial statements are updated and tracked with bi-yearly budgeting. (which must be provided to the HEC club faculty rep.)

The Administrative Assistant will:
- Manage the e-mail account
- Take minutes of the meetings
- Aid other Executives in their duties

All Executive Members:
- Ensure that the executive for replacement has been set up for the following year
- Ensure that all other members of the executive are performing their duties
- Make sure the club is being run within accordance to the constitution
- Promote enthusiasm and member involvement
- Manage large projects
- Help out in labs with lab hours
- Vote on approval of funds and inventory for projects
- Ensure that the web page is up to date


- There should be on average one Executive meeting every month to discuss members requests, money issues, parts purchases, lab access and anything else required excluding winter and summer holidays.
- There should be on average one Members meeting per month to discuss any issues non executive members might have.


Every year a new executive is chosen with exception of President who must be a previous executive member, or if not possible then must be chosen with full support by the executive and the Faculty Representative from a club member with over 13 weeks of service.

The executive members will be instated through a written proposal followed by an interview conducted by the current executive members. The current executive members will collect all applications and select at least 2 applicants per position. Once suitable candidates have been selected the executive members will conduct an interview to select who will best fit the position.

In order to be eligible for an executive position the applicant must be a member of the club for at least 13 weeks. If there is only one eligible person for a position, that person will be elected to that position. Priority will be given to applicants who have demonstrated leadership and initiative in HEC.

The applications will be due 3 weeks before the winter exams and the interviews will be held in the last 2 weeks before the winter exams.

At no time will an applicant be selected or rejected on social issues. If any issues are thought to be present students may take it up with the faculty representative. All applicants will be selected on the basis of who is best for the position. An applicant may apply for more then one position but will only be elected to one.


Handling of Funds

All funds collected shall be deposited in the HEC account. The V.P. Finance shall be the primary officer designated to handle the organization finances and manage the account. Any flow of funds into or out of the account must be approved by ALL Executive members during a meeting. The Club Faculty representative must also be aware of all expenditures and funds received by the club in the form of a monthly report. Removal From Office

Removal of an Executive Member

An executive member can only be removed from office if the executive member is deemed to be failing their obligations to the club. An executive member can be deemed unsuitable if all the remaining executive members vote to have the other member impeached or a petition signed by at least 60% of the non-executive members and at least 50% of the executive members stating that the member in question is not living up to there obligations.

Changes to Constitution

Any changes to the constitution must have all executive member support to be valid.