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Resistor value chart

Fluke 45 dual display multimeter data sheet

Everything you ever want to know about capacitors

Data Sheet Archive
- Don't know how a component works? Look it up!

Need to know Pinouts for IC chips?
- The "Giant Internet IC Masturbator", GIICM for short, contains pinouts for most digital chips known to man. It is availible offline in .ZIP or self extracting .EXE formats for easy engineering. These aren't datasheets, but if you need a handy pinout for a easy to use chip, this is your guide. This link was provided by Sparkie

Discover Circuits
- 1000s of categorized projects and schematics. This link was provided by Alexan.

- Find out what microchip has to offer. (PIC chips and various intigrated chips and controlers) This link was provided by Roger Dass

Comm Linx
- Simple Projects. This link was provided by Alexan.

Web EE
- Electrical engineering web page with many schematics, on line tutorials, on line calculators, News groups, magazines, and news feeds. This link was provided by Barry Vuong.

Mike's Electronic stuff
- This is seat of the pants engineering at its best. Mike is an EE from the UK who loves his job. Lasers, tesla coils and the infamous "Destruct-O-Tron", this guy is the emperor of "nerd cool". This link was provided by sparkie

PIC Programmers

JDM-Style Programmer
JDM Schematics
NOPPP Programmer

PIC Programming tutorial for beginners
The El Cheapo programmer from Supremetronic will work too

------------ Featured links (links in this section may come and go) ---------------

Whats in a furby??
- Furby autopsy. Remember these guys? they make annoying noises and wiggle around a little. Someone decided to dissect one for giggles and document the results. Better than FOX's alien autopsy! This link provided by sarkie

Comm Linx
- Just a cool idea. Not electronic in nature at all, but somehow relevant. This link was provided by sparkie