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ELE 744 Electronics and Instrumentation

This course focuses on the design and analysis of isolation techniques, signal conditioning and processing units, linear/non-linear signal conversion circuits, and special purpose Integrated Circuits (IC) for effective electronic instrumentation designs. Key topics include: Analog/digital isolation techniques; intrinsic IC noise modeling and low noise OP-AMP amplifiers; instrumentation amplifiers and Single Supply circuits; grounding and noise-reduction techniques; linear Power Supply design, linear and switching voltage regulators, and voltage references; IC voltage-to-frequency (V/F), frequency-to-voltage (F/V) techniques and timer circuits; multipliers; log/anti-log amplifiers; and various other non-linear circuits. Important design concepts and issues are experienced through major embedded-microcontroller based Instrumentation design project, use of electronic circuit simulation tools, and solving design problems. Lect: 3 hrs./Lab: 2 hrs.

Labs: ENG 306, ENG 307

Engineering Support: Jim Koch ENG418 ex 6118

Kit part Number: ELE 744 A&B (PIC Boards, Headers and Solder), ELE 744 B (Amp, Ref, Sensor)

Lab Kit: ELE 744 lab kit

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