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ELE 754 Power Electronics

A course on solid state power converters. Major topics include: switching devices (SCR, MOSFET, IGBT, GTO, etc.), dc-dc switch mode converters, diode and thyristor rectifiers, current and voltage source inverters, ac-ac converters and industry applications. Typical control, gating and protection schemes for these converters will also be discussed. Important concepts are illustrated through laboratory projects. Real-time DSP based experimental platform will be used in the projects. Lect: 3 hrs./Lab: 2 hrs.


Experiment Source Code

68HC11 Software

Motorola 68HC11 Assembler, ZIPPED .

Contains: as11.exe - 68HC11 Assembler. - Manual.
 regshc11.asm - Register listing.

Baffalo Monitor, ZIPPED .

Contains: mppv96.asm - Buffalo monitor with LCD add on.
 kmon96v1.asm - Experimental monitor.

Math11 Package, ZIPPED .

Contains: math11j.asm - Floating Point Math package with
 jump table.
 math11j.lst - Assembler listing.
 math11j.s19 - s19 file, programs eprom starting
 at d000h.

A Table of LCD Control Codes, 116K PS FILE .

A Shareware version of Procomm.

Third Party: Editors, Assemblers, Simulators

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68HC11 Reference Manuals

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