Areas of Research fall into two categories: Processing and Design. I am ready to sit down with students who work in the research areas mentioned above on a daily basis, and help out with anything possible such as:


    1. Collecting and reading the initial resources(books, papers, reports)


    2. Coding and debugging


    3. Proof reading your reports in the forms of paper or final thesis


It is very important that your research results are made available through conference and journal papers.The comments of external reviewers would confirm beyond the doubt that the work is acceptable to the scientific community. It will make defending your case easier in front of the thesis committee.



The most important submission deadlines are in September, October, and November, each year. ISCAS (IEEE International Symposium on Circuit and System) has a deadline around September 15, DAC (Design Automation Conference) and Date (European Design Automation Conference) have a deadline around October 15, and Custom Integrated Circuit has a deadline around November 15. It is vital for your research (as an undergraduate summer student or graduate student) to yield results by the first week of August, allowing me to review and to comment on improving your final version. Therefore, please keep these important dates in mind. Without notification of acceptance from these conferences, and other important conferences, your research would get a setback for one full year, and if you are planning to graduate, you may not be able to do that successfully.



Financial support, however, is available in only a few areas. Depending on how good your idea is, I am willing to go extra miles to find the funding necessary to support your research. However, your idea should pass its initial phases and should show promising signs.

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