1. Optimization in Engineering: Theory and Application

- Net-Zero Community (Load Demand Management)

- Smart-Grid (Generation, Transmission and Distribution Optimization)

- Micro-Grid, Renewable Energy Integration

- Neural Networks in Human Behavioral Analysis

- Biomedical Image Processing (Reconstruction, Denoising, Super Resolution)

- Biomedical Signal Processing (Brain and Heart Signals)

- Computer and Wireless Network Performance Analysis and Optimization


2. Big Data Analysis (Dictionary/Sparse Representations, Interpolation, Predictions)

- Medical Data Analysis and Predictions

- Stock Market Data Analysis and Predictions

- Traffic Data Analysis and Predictions

- Stability and security Analysis and Improvements of Large systems

- Power Analysis and Forecasting


3. Modelling, Simulation, Design, and Testing

- Circuits (Low and High Frequency, Low Power)

- Fault Detection, Location, and System Restoration

- Energy Efficient House (Thermal Modeling and Analysis)

- Tissue Modelling


4. Time-Based Operations

- VLSI Circuits Designs

- Cryptography



I have immense interest in anything new, something which has not been investigated before. This could be one of the following cases:


1. Inventing the idea: The idea you have in mind is brand new, and it has never looked at before.


2. Expanding its capability: The idea is available,but its application is new, i.e., you are trying to     apply it to a new area of research.


3. Creating benchmark: The idea is not new, its application to the area you have in mind has already been investigated. However, there is no proper analysis and testing of the idea available in the literature. To satisfy this item,you need to create a bench mark by collecting proper samples,and you need to apply the theory against them. Then, you need to analyze,and collect the information, and tabulate them.This result would help to further shed lights on the theory, and help understanding it from different perspective.


4. Survey: The idea is not new, its application is not new either. The idea has recently been applied to a number of circuits, and its behavior has been analyzed. However, there is no proper survey, or literature review in scientific journals which would compare different aspects of this theory and its application.


So, if you have any idea which fits in any of the above , and you would like to investigate further, I would like to know about that, and if I am convinced that it is something of scientific value, I would like to give you this chance, and I would like to be part of that. The idea should eventually come to conclusion, one way or another. Whether we could prove together that it is not working, it is still valuable as it will prevent others from falling into the same trap. It would be more valuable if there are positive conclusion to this research, and it is finally published in a respected conference, workshop, or Journal.



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