• Graduation Rate

    • + Ryerson Graduation Rates (MTCU methodology)

    • + Ryerson Communication & Design Graduation Rates (MTCU methodology)

    • + Ryerson Arts Graduation Rates (MTCU methodology)

    • + Ryerson Ted Rogers School of Management Graduation Rates (MTCU methodology)

    • + Ryerson Community Services Graduation Rates (MTCU methodology)

    • + Ryerson Engineering, Architecture & Science Rates (MTCU methodology)

  •  Graduation/ Completion Time (for Graduate Degrees)

    • + Average Completion Time of Full-Time Graduate Programs

    • + Average Completion Time of Full-Time Doctoral Programs

    • + Average Completion Time of Part-Time Doctoral Programs

    • + Completion Rates of Full-Time Graduate Programs after 1 – 4 Years of Study

    • + Completion Rates of Part-Time Graduate Programs after 4– 7 Years of Study

    • + Completion Rates of Doctoral Programs after 4 – 8 Years of Study

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