What do I expect from my students:


1. I would like my students to inform me of any actions which might be a conflict of interest. For example, I  do not like students to perform research or works for other institutions, without first informing me,and having my permission. I do not wish my students to disclose the research results to others without my permission.


 2. I want my students to inform me of any problem they may have, which can affect their life or their performance, almost immediately. For an example,if the student finds difficulties in performing a research task, I would like to know about it as soon as such problem manifests itself, and I would like to know what steps are taken to remedy the situation.This way, I hope I would have better picture of what is happening, what should be done, what other alternatives are, and so on. I strongly discourage my students to inform me of such problems one week or two weeks after they happen. Actually, I want to know about these situations as they develope.If a student has family problems, or other issues that s/he would like to talk about, I like to be there for them. I hope that I am a good listener, and I like to take proper steps to resolve these situations.



Here are two examples that I like and dislike.


I like the following student very much:


 1. He was working very hard to examine a new technique. He told me of any difficulties on the spot. There were many occasions when he came back to me and told me that he thought about the problem last night or during  the weekend, and he took additional steps to solve the problem. There was times when he called my home at 9:00 pm, or on my cellular phone while I was driving,and telling me about the good news or bad news. I am very happy to have him as my partner now.


I do not like the following performance:


2. There was a student who opened his computer accounts, pretending that he is working, and then leaving his office. When I gave him an assignment, he came back to me after two weeks to tell me that he could not do the assignment with no apparant reason. Soon after a month, he began complaining about his family problems. I allowed him to go and take care of  his family for one month. When he came back, he was not dedicated to his task. He actually delievered very little during four months of work. He failed to write the report, as little as a paragraph, and I had to do the coding and to write the report all by myself. I am glad that we departed before getting into a serious relationship.


I would like my students to maintain a very close relationships with me using emails, home phone, office phone, cellular phone, and I would like to sit down with my students and to debug the works they do a number of times each day, if I can. I would like to receive daily, weekly, monthly and termly reports. For such students, I will attempt to solve any financial problems that they may have, for as much as I can,even if I have to dig into my own pocket. On the other hand, I would like to discontinue any relationship which is not based on ethics and laws, and on mutual respect. I believe either of us would have a better path in life if we go our seperate ways.


I am flexible on one hand. If somebody needs to work overnight, early in the morning, or if one person needs to take time off because he is tired, because it is holidays and everybody is enjoying it, because he has a temporary family problems, I have no problem with that. Sometimes, a project can be completely done at home. As long as the project is delievered on time,I have no problem.


I believe that a student who follows his/her duties has a bright future. I would like to be part of that future. I like my students to shine. With them shining, I will shine too. I like them to find a better job, or go after their PhD degree. If the project is worthwhile, I would like to be a partner with such good students. It all depends on how well this relationship is progressing. I admire my students everywhere I go, and try to support them as much as I can. I wish all of my students success, happiness, and joy for their entire life.



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