It usually takes time to know a person, whether student or a supervisor. It may take as long as a year. A supervisor and a student spend much of their daily time together. They may see each other more than their own family members. It makes up their life for as long as they interact at this level.


Funding students is not an easy task. Spending a year of one's life just to understand that this relationship is not working is not fair either. There are many things one can do during this period of one's life.


In order to avoid such a confusing or shaky state, I would like to talk about myself and explain who I am and how I treat my own students. That way, if an applicant does not wish to engage in such an intense relationship, s/he better find someone else.


I would like to know an applicant before accepting him/her. I usually want to start a project, no matter how small, and see how it turns out. If there is dedication from the student's side, I will do my best to accept him/her. I have difficulties accepting a student that I do not know  as much. So, for students who want to engage in a degree starting September, I would like to start the project in April or May before September begings. That can save time and money on both sides.



1. Providing the resources: This includes papers (conference papers, or journal papers) Patents,books, technical reports, or past MASc or PhD theses.


2. Engaging in research: I would like to sit down with my students and see how the coding or simulation is done.If there is anything I could do, I would like to be available.


3. Reading reports: I would like to have access to the reports as soon as they are available. In this process, I would provide feedbacks to improve the reports.


 4. I would like to take extra steps for any one who is performing very good in his/her research. These extra steps could be financial steps in different forms.

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