Electrical and Computer Engineering


  • Our 3D animation film Pen Fight, developed as a project for the graduate level course 3D Modeling and Animation:



  • Another project, Model of a House, from the same course:



  • Feature article on our 3D animation film Pen Fight on the University of Windsor website: Click Here
  • Another article on the University of Windsor website about my Graduate Student Achievement Award: Click Here
  • News article on the website of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology about our 3D FPS game Project Doom: Click Here



  • AmaderGaan is the leading music portal of Bangladesh, promoting Bangladeshi music all over the world. I have been involved with AmaderGaan since 2004.
  • AmaderGaan organized a charity concert for the Cyclone Sidr victims of Bangladesh, which raised funds amounting to 4,30,000 BDT (Approx. 6,500 CAD). A report on that event: Click Here


UPDATED: 25 April, 2013