Peter D. Hiscocks

Professor Emeritus, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ryerson Polytechnical University

After many years of teaching Electrical Engineering in 2005 I left teaching and I am now operating Syscomp Electronic Design Limited, working with James Gaston to design and marketing electronic instrumentation. Our first two products were a USB Oscilloscope DSO-101 and Waveform Generator WGM-101. Those successful products led in 2004 to second-generation designs such as the CGR-101 CircuitGear unit. CircuitGear is a 20MSample/sec dual channel Oscilloscope, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Digital IO port, Spectrum Analyser and Vector Network Analyser in one small, low-cost package. We have just introduced (April 2010) the WGM-201 Advanced Waveform Generator and DVM-101, digital voltmeter with data logging software.

The host software for all these instruments is Open Source, uses the Tcl/Tk language, runs under Windows, Linux and Mac X operating systems, and is available from Sourceforge under the 'The Open Instrumentation Project'.

Syscomp Web Page

If you wish to contact me, my Ryerson email address (phiscock at ee.ryerson dot ca) is still in effect. You can also reach me at 'syscomp-support at magma dot ca'.

My most recent technical papers are in the 'Application Notes' section of the Syscomp Web site.

I have recently completed the textbook 'Analog Circuit Design', which is now available shortly through the Syscomp website in e-book (pdf) format.

I am also currently active in the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Toronto Centre, as the Chair of the subcommittee on Light Pollution Abatement.