The judging committee consists of faculty members who will select the top 10% best posters based on (i) quality of the research and (ii) quality of the poster presentation.

A prize and a certificate will be awarded to the winners at the conclusion of the Graduate Research Symposium.


The best poster award winners:

  1. Venkata Yaramasu, "Predictive Control of Multilevel Converters for Megawatt Wind Energy Conversion Systems"
  2. Alaa R. Al-Taee, "Hexagon EOM-Based Variable Step-Size Adaptive DFE for Multi-Gbps Serial Links"
  3. Yushi Zhou, "Charge-domain sampling mixer with high-order FIR and 4-path filter fro software-defined radio"
  4. S. Rivera, "Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) Charging Station for Urban Energy Systems (UES)"
  5. F. H. Foomany, "Analysis of Reliability Metrics and Quality Enhancement Measures in Current Density Imaging"
  6. Subaagari Seevaratnam, "Using OCT to Measure Local Temperature"
  7. K. Balasundaram, "Automated Signal Pattern Detection During Human Ventricular Arrhythmias"
  8. Farheen Fatima Khan, "Design and Automation Tool for Custom FPGA Tiles"
  9. Mehrnaz Shokrollahi, "Non-Negative Matrix Factorization and Sparse Representation for Sleep Signal Classification"
  10. Anuyogam Venkataraman, "Medical Image Fusion Based on Joint Sparse Method"