Open House (2)
Panoramic photo of the projects hosted in the Atrium.
Another panoramic photo from the entrance of the Atrium.
P. Cohen listen to S. Vankamamidi, M. Vijayarathnam & J. James explain their project...
...A Novel Control System to Save Energy Based on Zigbee.
S. Budhiraja, N. Dua & M. Badwal with Design and Implementation of Pico-Satellite.
The Performance Control System by R. Bansal, P. Bobel & D. Muzzi garners lots of interest.
D. Genov, O. Spozito and M. Vachtchenko with Laser Pointer as a Mouse..
A. Nanji explains 3D Game Design with Hardware Control.
G. D'Souza, Y. Lou and Y. Zhang explain CMOS Image Sensing to Dr. R. Cheung.
Dr. V. Geurkov, S. Farhangi, A. Gharehgazlou & N. Soltani-- High Speed CMOS image sensor.
A. Kalbasi demos the Sniffing Robot to Dr. D. Androutsos.
S. Kumarasamy, V. Lee and A. Maslej with Smart Information Platform.