2019 Capstone Awards

The 2019 Open House, held on April 26, 2019, featured 98 Capstone design projects from Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering students. In the ceremony following the Open House, 12 student teams (3 from each of the programs) were awarded The Dean's Award for best poster and Gold, Silver and Bronze Department awards for their projects.

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Photography by Daniel Giannitelli and Jason Naughton

The audience for awards ceremony in the Atrium.

The MCs for the Awards Ceremony.

BME Dean's Award:
Open Source Prosthetic Arm with Non-Invasive EMG Control,
M. Sachdeva, J. Polus, S. Sandal

COE Dean's Award:
Reducing Waiting Time in ER Through AI,
M. Guanipa, J. Daez, Z. Wu

ELE Dean's Award:
Rescue Robot,
A. Jahangir, T. Casey, S. Litt

ELE Gold Award:
S. Afzal, J. True, T. Zaitsev

COE Gold Award:
Online Power Flow Assessment Tool,
A. Mazzucco, D. Brandolino, J. Psaila

BME Gold Award:
Virtual Reality Trunk Muscle Training System,
G. Gray, B. Krishnan, S. DiGirolamo

ELE Silver Award:
Semi Autonomous Robot Assistant (SARA),
G. Cruzat, S. Gtat , S. Saidi

COE Silver Award:
Accurate Table Retrieval from Unstructured Sources,
N. Azeez, F. Peygumbari, V. Vaghela

BME Silver Award:
Smart Wheelchair for Physically Challenged Individuals,
N. Hafez, A. Alfakir, H. Mahdi

ELE Bronze Award:
Open Source Programmable Devices for IOT System,
S. Ahluwalia, D. Parikh, M. Qureshi

COE Bronze Award:
Parallel Computing for Artificial Intelligence,
K. Patel, K. Saad, B. Balachandran

BME Bronze Award:
Lower Body Postural Correction System with Sensor-Driven Feedback,
A. Gibicar, R. Valtellini, M. Basso