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Photo Credit: Jason Naughton.

"Fuzzy Security Constraints for Unit Commitment with Transmission Outages", Peng Yu

"Correlating Current Pathways with Myocardial Fiber Orientation through Fusion of Data from Current Density and Diffusion Tensor Imaging", M. Beheshti

"Effective capacity analysis for cognitive networks under QoS satisfaction", Mohamed Elalem

"All-Fiber Passively Q-Switched Laser", Yi Lu

"Provisioning of Virtual Machines in the Clouds through bottleneck identification", Yasir Shoaib

"Programmable Charge-Domain Radio-Frequency Front-End For Software-Defined Radio", Yushi Zhou

"Novel geometric water-filling in communications", Naimul Mefraz Khan

"Anchored Skeleton Dynamic Gesture Recognition with Random Trees", Adrian Bulzacki

"Sleep EMG analysis using Sparse Signal Representation and Classification", Mehrnaz Shokrollahi

"Supply Diversification using Probabilistic Planning", Kamran Masteri

"Classification Based on Sparse Representation and Euclidian Distances", Javad Alirezaie, Ali Julazadeh

"Computed Tomography Image Denoisng Utilizing an Efficient Sparse Coding Algorithm", Javad Alirezaie, Kaveh Abhari

"Fully Automated Model-based Prostate Boundary Segmentation using Markov Random Field in Ultrasound Images", Rasa Vafaie, Javad Alirezaie

"Options Based Reserve Procurement Strategy for Wind Generators Using Binomial Trees", Reza Ghaffari

"A Framework for Adaptive Stream Processing Systems Based on the Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration of FPGA Devices", Victor Dumitriu

"DC-link Current Balancing and Ripple Reduction for Direct Parallel Current-Source Converters", Anping Hu

"Power Line Communications for Automotive Applications", Hesam Nekouei, Peter Nisbet

Fei Yuan, Graduate Research Symposium Committee Chair.