The following guidelines should be followed in preparing the posters for the symposium.

  • Poster dimensions: 2ft x 3ft (w x h, portrait only)
  • Poster files will be collected by the Department and sent for printing together.
  • Poster file name: Name your poster file using the following format: (xxx is PDF, JPG, etc.)


  • Poster must contain the following key information:
    • Title of the poster
    • Name of the authors
    • Motivation: Brief the state-of-the-art in the field of research and highlight why your approach is novel
    • Your approach: Detail your approaches using text/figures/tables/charts
    • Conclusion: Highlight your contributions and findings of the research
    • Research publication: Only list those where you are an author/co-author. The research publication should be directly related to the presented research. This information is critical for the judging committee to evaluate the quality of the research.