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) When is the graduate application deadline?
The application deadline is normally mid-January. For application deadlines and instructions on how to apply please consult the Graduate Admissions website:
) Can I apply for graduate admission in Winter or Spring/Summer terms?
No. Currently graduate admission is only once a year in September.
) What are the English Proficiency requirements?
If you have not completed two or more years, full-time, at a Canadian university or a university at which English was the primary language of instruction, or have not completed a graduate degree at a university where English was the primary language of instruction, you will be required to provide certification of English language proficiency through one of the accepted examinations listed on the website:
) What are the admission requirements?
Program admission requirements are posted on the website:
) I was denied admission. What are the reasons?
Graduate admissions is a competitive process and space is limited therefore many qualified applicants may not be admitted. There is no guarantee of acceptance into the graduate program of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, even if you meet the minimum requirements.
) I don't meet the minimum admission requirements. Can I still be admitted?
Applicants who do not meet the minimum admission requirements will not be considered.
) Are you still accepting applications?
Eligible applicants will continue to be considered until the program is full. For a listing of program closures please consult the Graduate Admissions website:
) Can I transfer credits?
Where a candidate has completed appropriate graduate courses at another accredited academic institution, and a degree has not been conferred using these courses, they may be recognized in partial fulfilment of Ryerson's graduate degree requirements. A limit of 50% of the course requirements may be from courses taken outside of the program. Responsibility for assessing the appropriateness of such courses shall rest with the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies of the program. Credit for such work shall not exceed fifty percent of the program's degree course requirements. To transfer credits you must fill out the following form:
) Can I take graduate courses in another department/program at Ryerson?
Yes. However, a maximum of 50% of your degree course requirements may be from courses taken outside of the program with the approval of the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies. For enrollment in RAMSS, you also need to get written permission from either the course instructor or the program office that teaches the course. Furthermore, for the course to count towards degree requirements, the student must complete and get approvals on the Course Substitution form available on the School of Graduate Studies
) Can I take courses at another university for credit?
MASc and PhD students may request to take a course on the Ontario Visiting Graduate Student Plan. However, it is not guaranteed that you will be permitted to do so. To request this you need the necessary approvals outlined on the following form:
) Do you offer upgrade courses or a bridging program?
No. The graduate programs in Electrical and Computer Engineering do not offer any upgrade courses or bridging program.
) Does the graduate program offer co-op or internship?
No. Currently the graduate program in Electrical and Computer Engineering does not have co-op or internship.
) When will I get a decision on my application?
Generally decisions will be made starting in March and will be ongoing until the program is full. Admission decisions may continue throughout the spring and summer.
) I am applying for MEng, do I need to write a supervisor name on the application?
No. MEng does not require a supervisor for the purpose of admission.
) When is the deadline to apply for OGS?
The Associate Chair for Graduate Studies of the Electrical and Computer Engineering program will set the deadline to apply for OGS, and students will be notified via email.
) When are grades available in RAMSS?
Please refer to the Significant Dates and Deadlines for grade availability in RAMSS:
) I don't see the grades for one of my courses. What can I do?
If you don't have a Hold on your account and the grade release date is past, then contact the course instructor to inquire if the grade was submitted.
) How can I withdraw from the program?
To permanently withdraw from a program, the student must complete and submit the Graduate Application to Withdraw Form available on the School of Graduate Studies website:
NOTE: Please refer to the Significant Dates and Deadlines for Graduate Program Withdrawal:
) Do I need to write an exam for Ph.D. Candidacy?
Yes. Each student in a doctoral program is required to complete a Candidacy Examination. The Examination consists of a Written Examination component of three hours duration, as well as an Oral Examination component. Please consult the Departmental Procedure for Doctoral Candidacy Examination for details: 2016.pdf
) When is my Ph.D. Candidacy Examination due?
The Candidacy Examination is normally conducted during a candidate's fourth term of residence, and must be held no later than 20 months from the date of initial registration. Note that the Candidacy Examination has a Written Examination component and an Oral Examination component. Please consult the Departmental Procedure for Doctoral Candidacy Examination for details: 2016.pdf
) When do I need to present my Ph.D. thesis proposal?
The presentation of the Ph.D. thesis proposal is a part of the Oral Examination component of the Candidacy Examination, which also has a Written Examination component. For the timelines, please consult the Departmental Procedure for Doctoral Candidacy Examination.
) Am I guaranteed funding?
Graduate students may be offered financial support, for part of their tenure in the program, in the form of scholarships, fellowships, awards, graduate stipends, graduate assistantships, or research assistantships.
) How much funding will I get as a graduate student?
Graduate students offered financial support will receive a funding offer letter from the graduate program at the time of the offer of admission. The amount of support is determined primarily by the amount of the stipend that the proposed supervisor has committed to.
) Am I guaranteed Teaching Assistantship (TA)?
PhD and MASc students who are offered funding in their first academic year are automatically considered for teaching assistantship as part of their funding offers. However, after the first year, graduate students must apply for teaching assistantship positions on a competitive basis. To increase the chance of being hired, prospective the applicants should submit a detailed resume, tailored to the position they're applying for.
) Will all the courses listed on the university graduate calendar be offered in a specific year?
No. Graduate courses to be offered in a year constitute only a subset of the courses that appear on the calendar. The courses to be offered are determined based on factors such as existing or emerging trends in research and development, availability of faculty members, etc. At any given term, the courses that are offered are posted with their outlines on the departmental website at this link:
) I'm an M.Eng. student interested in a particular area, but there are not enough courses currently offered in that area. What should I do?
M.Eng. students are required to take 8 to 10 courses. It is, therefore, inevitable that they end up taking courses from various areas. This, however, is beneficial as it widens their exposure and experience.
) Can the schedule of a course be changed?
Scheduling is done by the University, considering various factors. Course schedules cannot be changed.
) I have an issue about how a course is taught and/or managed. What do I do?
For minor issues and/or clarification on course management or teaching style, you would typically discuss the issue with the instructor of the course. However, if the issue could not be resolved with the instructor, or if the issue is of a more serious matter, or if you just don't feel that you can discuss the matter with the instructor, then contact the Department Chair at and the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies. NOTE: Rest assured that any and all such correspondence with the Department Chair and Associate Chair will be taken very seriously and will be treated with strict confidentiality and anonymity.