Ph.D. Program Approved

With the official arrival of Summer 2004, I take immense pleasure in announcing that the ELCE Department has been officially approved to commence offering the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) program, effective Fall 2004.

This announcement is the culmination of 16 months of dedicated effort from our faculty colleagues, Deans, staff members and students during the intense appraisal process, which comprised of:

Proposal Preparation Feb-May 2003
GS&R Council ApprovalMay 2003
SGS Approval of Letter of IntentJune 2003
SGS Consultant ReviewSeptember 2003
SGS Council ApprovalOctober 2003
Academic Council Approval November 2003
OCGS SubmissionDecember 2003
OCGS ReviewFebruary 2004
3 OCGS consultant's site visitsMarch - May 2004
Board of Governors Approval May 2004
OCGS Review of ReportsJune 2004
OCGS Board ApprovalJune 18, 2004

We underwent an elaborate and thorough review process by the Ontario Council of Graduate Studies (OCGS), and today the ELCE Dept. is one of the first three Comprehensive Departments in Ryerson offering Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral Programs.

With the move to the new CCE building and the new Ph.D. program in place, it is a historic moment which everyone of us can be proud of, and you will agree that this is an unique occasion and opportunity generally not common in other Canadian universities!

My heartfelt thanks and congratulations to faculty researchers, Dean Yeates, Dean Stalin Boctor, Associate Dean Steven Liss, School of Graduate Studies (SGS) and ELCE staff, and graduate student representatives for their fullest support, perseverance and co-operation in the appraisal process.

Sri Krishnan
Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering