More photographs of the open house which took place on April 30, 2009.
Open House 2009
E. Steele, M. Lebon, I. Patterson– GPS Tracking Data Logger.
Close-up of the GPS Tracking Data Logger hardware.
J. Carullo, M. Manserra, A. Lee & Mr. Wilson.
The Home Sentry Robot, standing guard.
Remote Controlled Robot– Y. Noureddine, F. Rezaei & A. Naghavi.
T. Lam, J. Panjikaran, J. Hamway– Energy Converting Solar Tracker System.
Smartphone GPS and Activity Monitor– A. Koutroumanis & P. Blain.
K. Mistry, F. Hassan, R. Edward– Motion Based Rehabilitation and Training.
Smart Energy Meter– A. Jayalal, M. Tharmalingam, S. Tharmakulasingam.
Wireless Weather Station– P. Sivalingam, D. Bungay, R. De Mel.
Car Tracking and Security System– S. Amjad, R. Andreescu & P. Kulkari.
O. Dima, D. Dzygar, M. Leonov– Continuos Passive Motion Device for Rehabilitation.
Real-Time 3D Image Segmentation and Rendering– J. Cancilla, N. Jain, Y Saber.
Adaptive Speed Controller for Induction Motors– R. Bahiraei, M. Montazeri, S. Montazeri.
Automatic Blood Pressure Meter– B. Bita, E. Afatmirni, S. Rahimian.
Wireless Fire Alarm and Monitoring System– S. Saleem, A. Raghuram & T. Jahir.
L. Dayal, D. Diaz, V. Malhotra– Home Environment Controller.