To all 3rd and 4th year COE and ELE students: This Spring we will be running a few select 4th year courses in the Spring Transition.

We are doing this for two reasons:

  • • if you are a 4th year student and you fail a Fall or Winter course, or haven't taken enough, or you want to lighten your load, you can potentially take one of these courses to fulfill your requirements to graduate (e.g., if you failed a Table I course, you would take one of the two Table I courses available in the Spring. This way you may be able to avoid coming back for potentially another year to fulfill your graduation requirements.
  • • if you are a 3rd year student you can take some of these courses to help ease your load in the 4th year

The courses being offered are:
TABLE I (both ELE & COE): ELE 809 and ELE 829
TABLE II (both ELE & COE): ELE 888 and ELE 885

The Spring Transition schedule has not been finalized yet. Once it is we will make the link available.

We understand that the selection of these courses in Spring Transition may not work for everyone and may not be the courses that you may want (or you may already have taken them), however, we cannot please everyone as we cannot offer all of our 4th year courses in the Spring. We have identified courses that have easily-met pre-requisites and that we know can be taught by qualified lecturers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be advised that these course offerings are subject to sufficient demand/enrollment. If there is not sufficient enrollment then some or all courses may be cancelled.