2018-10-12 ELE/COE 700 EDP Topic Reservation Results

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FM01   ELE:Digital Signal Processing   Wilfred Barreto & Talhaa Rabbani & Joseph Stacey FRI OCT 12 15:15
1 topics reserved out of 1 submissions. 0 teams have to re-submit


NOTE: Every FLC has a limited loading quota (maximum topics than can be supervised). If a FLC's loading quota is reached (i.e. FREE SLOTS= 0) any remaining topics in that category will not be reservable.

A. AnpalaganELE:Communications / Networking 1AA06
A. AnpalaganELE:Digital Signal Processing 0
A. AnpalaganELE:Intelligent Instrumentation 0
A. AnpalaganELE:Power / Controls 1 AA02
B. MaCOE:Distributed / Cloud Computing 0
B. MaCOE:Networking 1BM02
B. VenkateshCOE:Distributed / Cloud Computing 0
B. VenkateshELE:Communications / Networking 2BV01 BV02
B. VenkateshELE:Digital Signal Processing 1BV06
D. XuELE:Communications / Networking 1 DX02
D. XuELE:Power / Controls 3DX03 DX04 DX05 DX07
E. BagheriCOE:Software / Data Engineering 2EB05 EB06
F. MohammadiELE:Communications / Networking 1FM04
F. MohammadiELE:Digital Signal Processing 0
F. MohammadiELE:Intelligent Instrumentation 0
G. KhanCOE:FPGA / Reconfigurable Computing 2GK02 GK03
G. KhanCOE:Software / Data Engineering 1GK01
G. KhanELE:VLSI 1 GK05
K. KumarELE:Communications / Networking 0
L. GuanCOE:Networking 0
L. GuanELE:Digital Signal Processing 1LG01
M. JaseemuddinCOE:Distributed / Cloud Computing 1MJ02
M. JaseemuddinCOE:Networking 3MJ03 MJ04 MJ05
M. KassamELE:Intelligent Instrumentation 0
N. MekheilCOE:Distributed / Cloud Computing 7NM01 NM02 NM04 NM05 NM07 NM08 NM10
N. MekheilCOE:FPGA / Reconfigurable Computing 1NM09
N. MekheilCOE:Software / Data Engineering 1NM03
R. CheungELE:Power / Controls 0
S. KarimELE:Power / Controls 0
T. YangCOE:Distributed / Cloud Computing 1TY06
T. YangCOE:Networking 0
T. YangCOE:Software / Data Engineering 4TY01 TY04 TY07 TY09
X. FernandoCOE:Software / Intelligent Instrumentation 1XF02
X. FernandoELE:Digital Signal Processing 0
X. FernandoELE:Intelligent Instrumentation 2XF04 XF06

Fri Oct 12 17:03:51 2018